a call to die – day 36: watch your words!

“But the things that come out of the mouth come from the heart, and these make a man ‘unclean.’”  — Matthew 15:18

If you ask my sons, one of the most often phrases that I say to them is – watch your words.

Usually, by the time I’ve had to say this it’s because I’ve overheard one (or both) of them say something that is not quite nice to one another.  Calling attention to what they’re saying causes them to think about what and how their speaking to each other.

“For out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks” (Matthew 12:34b).  Nasser questions us on day 36 with “What is flowing out of your heart and my heart through our mouths?” 

I’d like to think encouraging words, words that uplift and bring comfort to people, Words that will stop satan in his tracks, Words that God laid on my heart to tell someone else.

This is not always the case though.  There are times when I fly off the handle and let loose what I really want to tell someone.  Other times, I’ve caught myself just shy of saying something that would be hurtful.  And at times, I’ve said stuff that is hurtful.

I’ve recently finished a book by Ann Voskamp titled, one thousand gifts.  In it she talks about writing a list of one thousands gifts – a gratitude journal.  Why couldn’t we do the same with our vocals?

I love this video {below} with the song The Words I would Say by Sidewalk Prophets – take a moment to listen to the words.  Then, take the time to encourage and build up someone else with your words.  Remember, out of the heart, the mouth speaks. 

Until tomorrow, Review Psalm 86:11-12, Psalm 91:1-3, and John 14:6.

Love, {Lorna}


About Follow 2 Serve {Lorna}

I am a follower of Christ and I love to serve Him. I am married with two sons. I received my Liberal Arts Associate Degree in May of 2012. My hobbies are reading, crocheting, quilting, knitting, nature photography, and being with my sons.
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2 Responses to a call to die – day 36: watch your words!

  1. Dianne says:

    In my life, I have often opened my mouth, and spoke without thinking, and hurt someone I really cared for. Our Pastor, talked about what comes out of our mouth, should only be good things. We should lift people up with our words.

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