An Emotional Post

{Caution: this post is long}

Since Easter, I’ve been on what you might say an emotional roller coaster. 

Easter was great.  Had an awesome time at church, didn’t cry until the end when I saw the Police Chief of the town I live near and several others pray over a child who was injured in an accident – praying for God’s healing hand to touch his body.  {Please be in prayer for this young man – his name is Adam.}

During the service, at the end of the sermon, members of the congregation participated in Cardboard Testimonies – where you place on one side of the cardboard poster what you were before Christ and one the other side – who you are after Christ.  Knowing several of the people who participated, I can say that God does a wonderful work in people when they turn to Him.  Though I did not take part, I could have knowing what God has done in my life.

With Easter dinner complete {Thank you momma – it was delicious}, I prepared for the next few weeks to finish out my semester and take my finals.  Finals are over and my semester is complete.   

However, the biggest emotional ride I’ve taken has been these past two weeks.

As you know, I am the mother of an 18-year-old son – Samuel.  These last two weeks have been all about him.  Last week he was in the midst of finals when God showed up.  Before finals week, he had an F in his AP European History class {AP meaning he will get a college credit if he passes that test – we’re praying for a 3}.  Anyway, with God’s help, he managed to do well on his last test {not the final} and ended up going into finals week with a D – one point from a C.  This is where God showed up:  Had he taken the final exam and failed it, he would have failed the class.  However, the instructor decided NOT to give a final exam and whatever the students had in his class, at that time, would be their grade.  Therefore, Samuel ended up with a D in History, relieving his mind of much-needed stress since he had to take a Physics and English Final on the same day – Thank You God for Blessing my son. 

This past week was my finals week and the week of Samuel’s Graduation.  Thursday was Graduation and my day was spent making sure he went to graduation practice and studying for my Statistics final exam.  Finally, it was time to leave and though the day went as “normal” as possible but I can tell you that trying to iron a graduation gown is not worth it.  We arrived at the church, ready for things to begin {gradation started about 10 minutes late because some of the “men” (my son included) didn’t know they ‘had’ to wear a tie so parents were asking fathers and teachers to borrow ties for their sons. 

Ceremony went off as perfectly as possible.  With tears flowing, I celebrated my son’s graduation from high school.  His honors were receiving the Tops Academic Diploma Endorsement and the Tops Career and Technical Diploma Endorsement (must meet certain criteria to qualify) along with a GPA of 3.0702, ranking him 95 out of 230.  In band, he was awarded the 2011 Outstanding Student.  One can say I’m a proud mom. 

(There was one problem with Graduation night though; we didn’t get any pictures of us as a family.  He decided to take his gown off as soon as he could {he’s not a big picture taker anyway} but I did manage to get this one.)

The Graduate

Then after graduation came.  He said he was going to stay just a few minutes longer and then head home – no major plans for a party.  My last words to him via text message were “I’m so proud of you – don’t stay out too late and be careful.” 

I had stopped at McDonald’s to get a quick bite to eat with my youngest son.  Since Caleb had ordered a Chicken Sandwich, we had to wait about 7-8 minutes for them to fix it.  Once, it was ready, we headed home.  About halfway home, I receive a phone call from my husband telling me there was a wreck on the road to our house.  {He always does this so it wasn’t unusual.}  Then he tells me that it looks like a red truck, and then says, it looks like Samuel’s truck.  Well, you can imagine my heart at that moment.  I pulled into a bank’s parking lot and waited for him to be sure.  Sure enough, it was Samuel.  I headed that way as quick and as safe as possible.  By the time I arrived on the scene, the Fire Department was there along with two Sheriff’s Deputies while the EMT’s put the collar thing around his neck.  He was all right.  He was talking.  He was alive. 

The ambulance arrived and we headed to the hospital.  {Caleb went with my mother.}  The hospital was great.  I had texted Samuel’s band director {who didn’t need to hear it from Samuel’s friends} showed up 15 minutes after we got there.  {Thank you Brian.}  Samuel walked away from the hospital at 2 am with a staple in the gash on his head, a band-aid on the cut on his hand and no broken bones or head injury (other than the bruise).  All this after losing control of his truck on a gravel road {the state is repaving the road} and having his truck flip over about three times finally coming to a resting place in the ditch.

Now I know that this blog is mostly about Following Jesus to Serve Jesus, let me assure you that this post fits very well into that theme.

Before the semester had started, I had a dream that I couldn’t make it so my Statistics’ final exam.  I pushed it aside and wrote about it in an earlier post.  However, for the past few weeks, I’ve had a feeling that something bad was going to happen.  satan tried to tell me that my child was going to die {He’s a liar in case you didn’t know}.  Even made the comment to my Accounting professor that the only way I wouldn’t take a final was if something happened to my children.  However, every time that thought or feeling came upon me, I prayed, No, God please watch over my son and protect him.  You can’t take him now. 

The power of prayer is strong and alive. 

After posting on Facebook and calling my friend, Becky, that Samuel had been in an accident – prayers went toward Heaven on behalf of my son.  {I didn’t find out until Friday, that my friend Mary, and my cousin Jim, had done the same – Thank you.}  I wish I could personally thank everyone who prayed individually, but I can’t so – THANK YOU – love y’all. 

God is faithful, merciful, and gracious.  I firmly believe that it’s because of prayers (and a couple of angels) that my son is alive and walking around today.  Looking at his truck is proof enough.  Funny thing is – the air bags did not deploy.  Don’t know why {around Thanksgiving he was driving our van and out of nowhere, the air bags deployed for no reason} they didn’t. 


 Also, Samuel had posted earlier, before he left the parking lot of the church, these words “Emergency vehicle already, hope no one’s hurt.”  Friends had asked if was him, and he said no.  How prophetic those words were within about 20 minutes of him posting that.  I was wondering why his friends were confused when I posted on his Facebook page that he had been in an accident, to please pray (and they did). 

It pays to Follow to Serve Jesus.

Thanking and Praising God that my son is alive.

Love, {Lorna}

PS – the recipient of the book, A Call to Die, is number 2 – Dianne {looks like a lunch date!}


About Follow 2 Serve {Lorna}

I am a follower of Christ and I love to serve Him. I am married with two sons. I received my Liberal Arts Associate Degree in May of 2012. My hobbies are reading, crocheting, quilting, knitting, nature photography, and being with my sons.
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13 Responses to An Emotional Post

  1. Rebecca Walding says:

    God is good!!! All the time! What a testimony for Samuel. Read this quote this morning-
    Every life has it’s dark and cheerful hours. Happiness comes from choosing which to remember.
    Thank you for sharing your heart.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    How scary this must have been for you Lorna, so glad God was with Samuel and you! Thanks be to God!!

  3. Dianne says:

    Lorna, glad you kept Satan away from your child, with your Prayers. Samual was saved because God has wonderful things planned for him. And you are a loving and caring Mother, who always goes to the one who has control.

  4. Mary Ballard says:

    One one hand I was glad to be at work where I knew what was going on immediately but on the other hand wanted to be with you. Irregardless, God was with us all!

  5. Deb H. says:

    So very glad that Samuel is okay. Our oldest grandson is named Samuel!!! Praying that God continues to keep you and your family safe!

    • Thank you Deb – he’s much better. He’s had several days of rest and the soreness in his neck is finally going away. The cut on his head is healing nicely. Looking forward to this new season God has for him. – Love, {Lorna}

  6. Rena says:

    Lorna, my emotions are right there with you, Sister. They’re overflowing after reading this post. I remember seeing your pics of him in our church, I remember feeling so happy for you. Then the post to pray. So grateful for Mary’s updates! I was so grateful he wasn’t badly hurt. But my heart was breaking for you. I just could not imagine. Lorna, even the picture issue, I get it. When Cammie graduated from YCP {we took her out of Denham High her senior year, if you don’t know that story, it’s somewhere on my blog} as Co-Cadet of the Cycle–the highest honor and one that had us in awe of His great work in her life–you would think we would’ve had more than enough pictures. We had some of her. But I tend to struggle with making sure someone snaps pics with me in them or as a group. I’m not great at photo taking. So when Courtney’s night rolled around I even texted a friend in reply her congrats for Court about this. She said, “take lots of pics”. I asked her to PLEASE PRAY because this is an area that I struggle with and ultimately end up struggling with being depressed over the lack of the memory capturing. But Diana showed up. She is not a photographer. But she has a gift for capturing the right angels, lighting, etc. SHE ROCKED! Answered prayer.

    I’m amazed at His faithfulness even down to the specifics you mentioned here in this post. Simply amazing.

    • Thank you for those words Rena, they mean a lot to my heart right now. Samuel’s dad was at graduation and we did take a couple of pictures of me, him and his dad but for some reason they did not come out (I’m thinking hubby didn’t press the camera button down correctly, even though he said it worked. They weren’t in his cap & gown but it was something I wanted to do for him, nevertheless, they didn’t come out. Oh well.) I’ll have to go look for Cammie’s post. Love ya, {Lorna}

  7. Deb says:

    I’m missing you. HOPE all is well with you and your family! Looking forward to your return.

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