The Battle

It’s one week into the New Year – how are your resolutions/goals coming along? Mine – so far so good.  The one I always manage to keep (at least for the past few years) is reading through my Bible at least once. This year, I am off to a great start. I’m mixing it up by reading 10 chapters a day using different lists (Professor Horner’s Bible plan). Of course I’m a big fan of reading the Bible – doesn’t matter if it’s just one verse or many. Read the Word.

Read the Word. That’s how I came about a battle I had not thought about before. One of the lists has me reading in the book of Joshua this week. It’s here I came across the Battle of Ai {you thought I was going to say Jericho, right?}.

I know I’ve read about this battle before but this week, since I’m reading a bit slower, some life lessons came to me and I thought I’d share them.

{To read about the Battle of Ai, click here; it’s found in Joshua 7 and 8}

Joshua and Israel are fresh off their “win” at Jericho and thought they could “win” at Ai but what Joshua didn’t know is that someone within the camp sinned. When Joshua goes before the Lord to inquire as to why, if God was giving them Ai, didn’t they win. He falls on his face before the Lord.

God says, “Get up! Why do you lie thus on your face? Israel has sinned, and they have also transgressed My covenant which I commanded them . . . Therefore the children of Israel could not stand before their enemies. Joshua 7:10-12.

I had thought about some battles I’ve been in and have lost. Could I have lost them because I had sinned? Only God knows but when one has unconfessed sin in one’s life, it’s quite possible one does not pray or even read the Word. In this case, Israel was defeated because of sin.

After finding out who sinned, and having taken care of the offense, Joshua and Israel, again go to fight Ai. This time they use a different strategy and come out victorious! Yay God!

However, it was what Joshua and Israel did after the victory that God impressed upon my heart. Joshua erected an altar and wrote the Law of Moses on it. He then read it to the people of Israel (men, women, and children).  It’s this act that is just as important – if not more important. They didn’t celebrate their victory.  They gave thanks to God for the victory then they went to the Word of God and renewed their mind and soul.

We can take a lesson from these two battles:  During times of defeat, maybe sin is the issue and if so, ask the Lord to show you the sin. Confess it, ask for forgiveness, and repent. If it’s a battle to be won, the Lord will bring it up again. If victorious, don’t celebrate your part, Give thanks to the Lord. Take some time to read the Word, renew your mind and soul for we all know, another battle will come.

Take comfort in His Word and keep reading.


About Follow 2 Serve {Lorna}

I am a follower of Christ and I love to serve Him. I am married with two sons. I received my Liberal Arts Associate Degree in May of 2012. My hobbies are reading, crocheting, quilting, knitting, nature photography, and being with my sons.
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2 Responses to The Battle

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Wise advice to your readers, Lorna. Keep reading your Bible. Our strength, our hope, and our knowledge comes from God’s word. This is where we learn that God fights our battles for us.

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