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The Altar Wall

Sitting at the top of the sanctuary during a church service gives one a unique perspective.  At times it feels as though one is disconnected from the service – watching what goes on but yet not able to participate.  It … Continue reading

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Maybe, Just Maybe

Last night while reading Primal Fire: Reigniting the Church with the Five Gifts of Jesus by Neil Cole my heart stopped after seeing this: “So why did Jesus ask the question?  He always asked questions because it drew out confessions from people.  Confession … Continue reading

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There is a one inch scar on my face.  One the doctor said would not be there.  One I received after flying into a 2×4 holding my swing set down.  One that others don’t seem to notice but one I … Continue reading

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Broken and Breathless

I stared at my monitor in disbelief.  Tears flowing down my cheek.  All the air in my lungs disappeared. I was Broken and Breathless. Broken It was the night before my dad’s 71st birthday (he passed away nine years ago) … Continue reading

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